About Our Patches

We offer two different types of patches to our customers:  Over-the-Lens type and Tie-on type.  Unlike other patches available, Pumpkin Patch Eyeworks patches are made from the same types of machine washable fabrics that your child wears every day.  Instead of being made from brightly colored felts and fleeces that draw more attention to the problem, our patches are made from more subtle colored denims, faux suedes, and velveteens that accessorize your child's wardrobe.  We offer one of the largest selections available so you can order several for your child, making patching more fun!

             Over-the-Lens Patch           

This patch is a great alternative to those uncomfortable, irritating
adhesive patches.  Each patch has an ophthalmologist approved side, bottom, and top piece that blocks out all peripheral vision, making it almost impossible for children to sneak peeks.  This patch is designed for either the left or right eye and is very simple to use.  Unlike many patches available, the nose pad slips into a buttonhole, securing the patch tightly on the eyeglasses.
Eyeglasses and Patches for 18" Dolls and Stuffed                   Animals
Tie-on Patch
This patch is the perfect patch for children and adults who do not wear glasses, but have a medical condition requiring the occlusion of one eye.  This patch can also be used by those who do wear glasses, but prefer this patch to the over-the-lens type.  It can be easily and comfortably worn underneath the eyeglasses.  Each side has a leather-look strap that ties on the back of the head,
keeping the patch secure.  It is reversible
and can be used for the left or right eye.
We offer eyeglasses and several patch designs to fit your child's favorite stuffed animal or 18" doll, including "American Girl" doll and "My Twin" doll.  You can even choose patches for your child's stuf-
fed animal or doll that will match the patches you order for your child.  Your "lil pun' kin" will feel so much better about the patching process when he/she can share it with a friend.  To check out our selection, just go to the "Visit My Store" link and look under "18 Doll/Stuffed Animal Patches.